Guangdong’s GDP rises 6.4% over first three quarters

2019-10-25 14:50:39

Data from Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Statistics showed that the province’s GDP increased 6.4 percent year on year during the first three quarters of 2019 to approximately 7.7 trillion RMB.

According to the data, primary industry amounted to about 293.6 billion RMB for the first three quarters of the year, an increase of 3.8 percent year on year, with secondary industry rising 4.6 percent to about 3.08 trillion RMB. Meanwhile, the service sector realized about 4.34 trillion RMB, up 7.9 percent year on year.

A breakdown of the data showed output of the service sector, which accounted for 56.3 percent of the total GDP, expanded 1.2 percent year on year, 16.4 percent higher than secondary industry.

In terms of consumption, sales of consumer goods in Guangdong Province rose 7.8 percent year on year to about 3.14 trillion RMB, the highest growth rate since the beginning of this year.

Author: Wang Yifan

Editors: Simon, Monica

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